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WiseMapping is a free web based mind map product. The goal of this project is to provide a high quality product that can be deployed by enterprises, educational and academic institutions. WiseMapping is based on the same code product supporting

Why Open Source ?

In the last years, we have received hundred of mails from different persons asking for:

  • Integrating with their sites
  • Deploying a private instance of
  • Participating in the development of the site

All this make us wonder "Why if we share our product to all this people and invite them to participate with us in this journey ?" . Well, this is :)

Do I Need to Install WiseMapping ?.

WiseMapping is available for free in, no restriction of any kind. If you are looking for installing in your servers, you can downloaded a copy of the latest stable binary files. If your are interested in advanced customisations, you could download the sources code and collaborated with us in the project.

What Features Does it Provides ?.

You can click in the features list in the toolbar to see the full list of features. But if you want to have some idea of what you can do, you could take a look at the following tutorial video:

Who Are We ?

We’re a couple of friends working on an idea: “Create the best on-line collaborative mind mapping tool ever created”. This has been our idea since the first day we started.We’ve been working on this project on our free time without any kind of economical supportHelp us to make WiseMapping making a Donation.

Roadmap, Changes, Updates?


The best way is to follow us in on Twitter at @wisemapping. We post there news and updated of the project. Also, you could find in the Contacts links several forms to contact us. 


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